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Pipe Borescope

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 Pipe Borescope  


-Video Borescope ,Borescope Camera. 

-For pipeline, duct, drain, pipes inspection for plumbers, repair work

-Pipe Inspection Camera Video Borescope Endoscope Camera with Reel Cable.

-Pipeline inspection camera, used for sewage, pipeline, drain, pipes inspection for plumbers, repair work.


Features Specification
   Camera Diameter    25mm
   Pixel Count    720 x 480 Pixel
   Exposure    Auto
   Auto with Balance    Auto
   Video Format    NTSC
   Interface    Composite Video
   Field of View (Fov)    73o / 140o
   Depth of Field (Dof)    5 ~ 60cm
   Housing    Copper with nickel coating
   Bending Radius    Ø 40 ~ 75mm
   Pipe from DN    Ø 40 ~ 120mm
   Outer Sheathing    Glass Fiber
   Lamp Output    7300 Lux at 20mm
   Save Media    SD Card
   Interface    USB / AV out
   Tip Operation Temperatures    -20 ~ +70oC
   Waterproofing    IP67
   Cable Length    20M
   Lighting    12 White LEDs (3 φ)
   Power Supply    DC 3.7V +/-5%